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Pornic and its region

Between land and sea, living in a sea of greenery while preserving its authentic character, Pornic asserts itself among the tonic Atlantic destinations.
Golf, spa, sailing, casino, city heart charming and alive is an active city all year round with its 14,500 year round residents.
Pornic is ideally located 40 km from Nantes and its airport, the island of Noirmoutier, Guérande, Le Croisic or La Baule or 40 minutes, even in summer.


  • Its medieval historical center and its castle,
  • Its seaside neighborhoods and villas "Belle Epoque"
  • Beaches, creeks, roads and customs ports,
  • Its port Casino.

Near cottages A stopover in Pornic:

  • thalassotherapy center at 4 km,
  • the salt marshes of Bourgneuf-en-Retz and Guérande
  • the vineyards of the Pays de Retz,
  • National Park of La Brière
  • the island of Noirmoutier,
  • the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire,
  • Ile d'Yeu from Fromentine
  • wildlife parks (Wild Planet, Grand Park Legends, the Golden Boissiere, the museum the Daviaud)
  • The Baule,
  • Croisic,
  • Nantes.

For sports fans:

  • Golf Pornic 1 km,
  • Vélocéan bike course 1 km,
  • equestrian center at 1 km,
  • sports center 3 km from Pornic,
  • Hiking on the path of the Customs officers,
  • fishing in the Haute Perche or in the pond of Val Saint-Martin,
  • sail,
  • sea kayaking and river
  • jet ski,
  • tree climbing.

Chateau de Pornic
Chemin douanier Pornic
Golf de Pornic
Port de Pornic
Sac de golf à Pornic
Plage des Sablons4
Chateau de Pornic
Chateau de Pornic
Château nuit
Corniche du Porteau
14 juillet Pornic
Château et port nocturne
Corsaires de Retz
Baie de Pornic
Chantier de Saint Nazaire
Chateau de Pornic
Port de Pornic
Chateau de Pornic
Chemin cotier Pornic
Chemin douanier Sainte Marie sur mer
Corniche de Porteau Pornic
Corniche du Porteau
Harmony of the Seas Saint Nazaire
Cote de Jade Pornic
Cote sauvage Pornic
Coucher de soleil Pornic
Feux d'artifice Pornic
Gourmalon Port de Pornic
Ile La Baule 44
La Cabane Saint Brévin
La nuit des Pêcheries à Pornic
La nuit des pêcheries Pornic
Paillote des Sablons Pornic
Patrouille de France démonstration Pornic
Patrouille de France Pornic
Pecherie Sainte Marie - Pornic
Penduick baie de Pornic
Plage cote sauvage
Port de Plaisance de Pornic
Plage des sablons
Plage Pornic
Pornic Pecherie
Port de plaisance Pornic
Regate Pornic
Restaurant La Cabane Pornic
Sainte Marie sur mer - Pornic
Terrasse restaurant le Zagaya
Thalasso de Pornic
Thalassothérapie de Pornic